Saturday, September 25, 2010

Website of the day - 9/25/10

Today's website is:


Newsgrounds is an amazing website with games, videos, and forums for everyone!

Pros -
Great community!

Some adult content
Some immature content

Well, if you know where to find things, you will love this website:

I Give it my very first.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Website of the Day - 9/24/10

Today's website is: Text!

Text upload lets you type something, and then share it with a lot of your friends.
Like here is a text upload that I made for this website:

 I give text upload a:


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Website Of The Day - Day 1

Today's website is -

YouTube !

Youtube is a website for video sharing where anyone can post a video to be video by many others!

-Upload videos
-Watch videos
-Get famous

-Some ads
-Annouying kids
-Hard to get watched/known.

Anyway, we give youtube a


Extra Note: This is how the website of the day will be posted.

How we will run things.

Every day we will have a website of the day. And on random days, i will give 1-5 websites we think are good and visitable. Stay tuned every day for new websites!

Way To Be Websites created!

WTBW (way to be websites) is created today on 9.23.10! We are here to show you amazing websites which you can go to have a great time. We look to keep you around.

- WTBW team.